Razuna 1.9.5 API - delete asset


I got a weird behavior with razuna 1.9.5 on ubuntu 16.04 self hosted.

When I try to delete an asset (image) with the API, I got the following HTTP 200 response :

{“message”:“session.file_id doesn’t exist.”,“errorcode”:"",“detail”:“Error at line 1, column 31”}

The asset is deleted but the response doesn’t contain responsecode as expected according to http://wiki.razuna.com/display/ecp/Asset+API2#AssetAPI2-RemoveAsset

{[“responsecode”:“0”,“message”:“Asset(s) have been removed successfully”]}

Any idea which file to check ?

Thank you.



Sorry to read. We will have to look into this. Thanks for the report.


I notice that in fact the asset isn’t deleted at all.


Will be fixed in an upcoming version. Thank you.