Razuna 1.8

Release Notes for Razuna 1.8

Notes for this release

Razuna 1.8 has over 180 issues tackled. Many of these are new features and improvement and of course bug fixes.

Here are some of the most prominent improvements:


The search has been completely re-written from scratch and runs now on its own server. Razuna 1.8 deliver search results up to 600% faster than in Razuna 1.7. Additionally, we improved the performance of indexing manifold, too. Whereas previously indexing would take up to 6 seconds for a new file, the new search indexing will do the same task in under a second, i.e. as the the search server is its own application, we index 1000 files within seconds.

Show custom fields in relation to labels

With this, you can show custom fields in relation to labels. This opens up quite a lot of possibilities for showing and handling metadata. Speaking of custom fields, you now have multiple selection fields and they are now also available in collections. Additionally, you can now see in which collection the file belongs to right within the file detail window.


As mentioned, over 180 issues have been addresses in this release. The API itself has seen a lot of improvement (paging, new methods, etc.), we’ve made tweaks to make uploading faster, fixed issues with foreign characters, added new options to the export of metadata, option to remove files after an import and many more options.

How to upgrade

You should update to 1.7 before upgrading to 1.8! If you have already done so, then simply follow the Razuna Update Guide. If you are skipping certain version then please make sure to read up on the release notes on each version. There might be instructions for certain updates!

Search Server
As mentioned above the search server it its own application. If you are upgrading you need to download the search server application and place it in the same directory as Razuna! For Tomcat this is in the webapps directory. Do NOT put the search server the Razuna directory!

Once done, you need to restart your server. As always navigate to the Razuna Administration and conduct the update. Once done, sign in to the Administration and navigate to “General Configuration”. You will see a new tab called “Indexing”. Go to “Indexing” and make sure that “The index and Search application is installed on this server.” is selected. If not, select it and click on “Save”.

Once done, click on the “Configure Search Server Database Connection” link and enter the same database connection credentials that you use for Razuna in the window. Click on “Update Connection Info” and wait for the feedback. Without doing this, you will NOT be able to search within Razuna! Also, the update will trigger an complete re-index of your assets.