Razuna 1.8.5 is here - now with an approval process


While we are very hard at work for Razuna 2.0, I’m happy to announce that we just released Razuna 1.8.5.

Razuna 1.8.5 brings one new feature that many of you have asked for — an approval process.

The approval process enables you to hold back files being uploaded to a folder and put them into a staging area. Your reviewers then have to “approve” files before they are released.

Configuring the approval process

When you go to the administration you will see a new tab called “Approval”.

Here you can enable the approval process and also select to which folder the approval process applies. The approval process can be applied to all folders or only to the ones you select.

You then select the groups or users you want to have to approve the files. Once a file has been uploaded, users in the approval group will get an email with a request to approve the file. They are then being taken back into the “Upload Area” where they can approve one or more files at once.

In addition, we also added the option to have all users approve files. You can enable this by selecting the checkbox saying “All users/groups have to approve”.

You also have the possibility to assign a seconds approval group. As soon as you enter a group or user into the “Approval Group 2” all files will undergo a second review. Groups and users in this group will only get notified of an approval request if users in the “Approval Group 1” have already approved the files.

We think the new approval process is s nifty new feature that will make your use of Razuna even more productive.

As always let us know if you have any feedback or comments for us.


After updating I can login into admin/, but when trying to login to my (only) tenant I get this error :

attributes.goto doesn’t exist.

Please advise!

Ok forget about it - SOLUTION:
Go to admin panel -> List tenants -> clear cache

Then it’s working… (please add this hint to upgrade wiki!)


Cool stuff on the new feature you listed with the latest version of Razuna 1.8.5. Is this the only new feature you added to 1.8.5? If not is there another place that lists all the new/fixed items included in 1.8.5?



The approval process is the only new feature in 1.8.5. We are hard at work
for Razuna 2.0, so our resources are all dedicated to that.


Thanks for your reply and was thinking this was the only new feature but just wanted to verify this. Thanks again!