Razuna 1.7

Release Notes for Razuna 1.7

Notes for this release

Razuna 1.7 features many useful features and enhancements that will make your work with files easier. Please have a look at the overview below to see what is new or changed.

Razuna 1.7 comes with over 150 issues tackled. Many issues are fulfilled feature requests or enhancements to existing functionality.

New Features

  • Aliases: You can create aliases within folders now. Select a file, create an alias for that file in another folder and you got a link between these files. Aliases behave just like their original file.

  • Import of custom XMP metadata: Import custom metadata from any other system with ease in Razuna 1.7. Create a custom field in Razuna and define the XMP-Path of the metadata. Razuna will automatically parse the XMP metadata and enter the value into the custom field.

  • Customize Search: You can lock down the search to folders only. To enable go to Administration>Customization>Search>Enable folder search selection.
    Once enabled you will see a new checkbox under folder settings (Folder Sharing & Settings link in folder view) titled ‘Search selection’.

Checking the box will enable the folder to be searched and the folder will be shown in a drop down next to all the search text inputs.

  • Search and Label View: We are happy to announce that a long standing request by the Razuna community has been satisfied with 1.7. In short, the label and the search view have now (almost) all the functionality you can find in the standard folder view.

  • White-Labelling: White-Labelling is now available per host! Look under Host Administration>White-Labelling.

  • Customization: Razuna 1.7 has now even more customization options.

    • Each icon, button, tab, etc. can now be made accessible to certain groups only (instead of show/hide for everyone).
    • Option to redirect users to folders can now be assigned per group.
    • Metadata can now be shown on top of the file and at the bottom (previously only at the bottom).
    • Labels for each metadata field can now be turned off.
  • Administration: The administration can now be made accessible to certain members of a group. Previously, you had to be an Administrator of the host to be able to access the Administration.

  • Thumbnails: You can now upload a thumbnail for document type files (thus replacing the default Word, ZIP, etc. icon).

  • Folder Tree: Finally long folder names do not simply extend but wrap properly (Yeah!)

  • Expanded LDAP/AD support: The LDAP/AD setup under Administration has been expanded to allow for more seamless integration with Razuna. See LDAP/AD Setup.

  • Folder counts: A summary of asset counts in folders is now available under Administration>Logs>Folder Summary.

  • Inherit share permissions to sub-folders: Sharing permissions can now be automatically inherited to sub-folders.

  • Renditions: It is now possible to swap the original file with an additional rendition for document type assets.