Razuna 1.7 Word no File name display in searching result


Hey, I am new to use Razuna, i have serveral problems to report:

1. Razuna 1.7 Word no File name display in searching result(s)

2. Could you please provide quick edit view in search result.


Additional information:
I hosted my razuna on Window7 + Tomcat +MySQL


Thanks for the heads up. We have made a note of it and will fix it in the final 1.7 release.
Regarding 2. can not add the quick edit view in the search result at this point for 1.7 being so close to release. We will take it into consideration for version 2.0.



Thank you for your reply.
I found another bug
3. while enabled folder search selection , the search options near the quick search bar, don’t have any option for choose.



That is not a bug. The “search selection” is only there to enable the function. You need to additionally “flag” folders that you want to be in the search selection.

To do so, you go to “folder settings” and you will see a new checkbox called “In search selection”. Once checked and saved you see the folder name in the drop down menu of the quick search and advanced search.

Please keep in mind that the search is then confined to those folders only and will not find any other files anymore.


Thanks for your help!
While I searching asset , use “AND”,“OR” to connect word can find the result, But Use “&&”, “||” cannot find any result
I tested on 1.7. It work on 1.6.


I’m surprised that “&” even works. The standard use should be “AND” or “OR”.