Razuna 1.5

Release Notes for Razuna 1.5

Important Notes for this release

Some of the major enhancements in Razuna 1.5 includes an option to fully customize Razuna, social login option (with the Janrain plugin), a new Rendering Farm functionality and major enhancement to the search and the overall look and feel of the system. Furthermore, the support for cloud storage has been widened to additionally support Amazon S3, Nirvanix and Eucalyptus (with Akamai support coming soon). Moreover, a brand new version of the popular API is now available, which many organizations use to integrate Razuna into their environment.

Please take a look at the list below to see some of the latest features and enhancements for Razuna 1.5.

How to upgrade

You should update to 1.4.7 before updating to 1.5! If you have already done so, then simply follow the Razuna Update Guide.

If you are skipping certain version then please make sure to read up on the release notes on each version. There might be instructions for certain updates!