Razuna 1.5.2

Release Notes for Razuna 1.5.2

Important Notes for this release

Razuna 1.5.2 is a enhancement and bug fix release which contains 31 issues.

Some of the notable bug fixes are; users were not able to use “search in a search” or search according the date, folder settings for collections was accidentally removed, uploading a PDF could fail under some circumstances and some listing wasn’t properly refreshed due to the caching. Among the 20 fixes is a bug that was introduced in 1.5.1 when using MySQL and a hangup on the first time installation. Additionally, users of MS SQL would also run into issues some database issues.

Our tradition to not only release a version with only bug fixes also holds for Razuna 1.5.2. Thus we are happy to include the following enhancements;

  • The label browser only shows the files that users have access too (finally)
  • Converting RAW images files has been improved (thanks to the many reports)
  • Support for MXF videos and also option to convert into MXF video format
  • The API can now handle very large file uploads (tested with >40GB files)

Please take a look at the list below for the complete list if enhancements and bug fixes for Razuna 1.5.2.

How to upgrade

You should update to 1.5 before updating to 1.5.2! If you have already done so, then simply follow the Razuna Update Guide.

If you are skipping certain version then please make sure to read up on the release notes on each version. There might be instructions for certain updates!