Razuna 1.5.1

Release Notes for Razuna 1.5.1

Important Notes for this release

Razuna 1.5.1 was planned to be a maintenance release to Razuna 1.5, but as it turned out we did not wanted to hold back with some of the new stuff we’ve build in the meantime. Thus, this release introduces a redesigned entry page (with a convenient upload button), a updated folder view and most prominently a redesigned file detail view where all relevant information can be found in one place. Since we are speaking of design and usability, users can now select the files with the mouse/keyboard in the folder view, the mobile side has been completely redesigned and with this release users of the self-hosted edition can use the recently released Razuna Google Chrome Extensions.

Furthermore, we have changed the permissions for “read-only” slightly. This means that “read-only” groups are not able to download the original file anymore, except one sets it to download in the shared options. On the sharing section we now propagate changes from the folder settings to all sub-folders and done some more tweaking to how sharing works.

Razuna 1.5 introduced a new caching engine. Naturally, sometimes the caching was done too much or wasn’t refreshed properly. Razuna 1.5.1 fixes this in many parts. Moreover, the API2 is now also using the same caching and thus developers should not see a “delay” anymore in their results from the API.

Last but not least, we have had some issues with connecting to FTP servers. In short, the engine wasn’t able to deal with some FTP servers and especially with folder & files that contained spaces or any foreign characters. This release, contains the latest update to the engine which fixed this issue.

How to upgrade

You should update to 1.5 before updating to 1.51! If you have already done so, then simply follow the Razuna Update Guide.

If you are skipping certain version then please make sure to read up on the release notes on each version. There might be instructions for certain updates!