Razuna 1.4.6

Release Notes for Razuna 1.4.6

Important Notes for this release

Razuna 1.4.6 brings enhancements and many important bug fixes to the 1.4.5 release.

Compatibility to our Razuna Google Chrome Extension

With 1.4.6 you are now able to use the Razuna Google Chrome Extension with your self hosted Razuna. Furthermore, you also have a mobile version of Razuna to your disposal!

Update Ffmpeg installation

In order to take advantage of the improved conversion code, we highly recommend that you update your FFmpeg installation to the latest version. We have included the recommended libraries in the download. We highly recommend that you follow our installation guide for your platform!


We’ve handled over 90 issues since 1.4.5, additionally to the mobile version we’ve added option to download assets directly in the folder view, updated the application server core bringing Lucene 3.3 to the game, updated SQL scripts for better performance and last but not least, updated API calls to enable metadata read and write and manipulation of folders from the API. Additionally, we fixed a couple of issues that cropped up after the 1.4.5 release.

Overall, there are over 90 issues that we are fulfilling with Razuna 1.4.6.