Razuna 1.4.5

Release Notes for Razuna 1.4.5

Important Notes for this release

Razuna 1.4.5 brings major enhancements and many important bug fixes to the 1.4.4 release.

Widgets – Share or embed your folders / collections with ease

Widgets can be setup for every folder or collection, you can even create as many widgets as you want for a given folder/collection, since each widget has different settings. Foremost, you can arrange your assets to be shown in the thumbnail grid or as a slideshow. Also, you will have a preview function for each asset and can download each one individually.

There are many good uses for widgets, as a example you can include a widget into your website, blog, create a photo archive and so forth.

Browse Subfolders

Coming in line with the release of Widgets, we also enabled browsing trough subfolders in the general folder view, the shared folders and of course within a Widget. Like this, especially in a shared folder/collection or widget, you can share any folder and your users will be able to drill down into all available subfolders.

Add additional versions of an asset

As more and more organizations start to move to Razuna, the need for a “unified view” of an asset was raised. Say, you have different versions of your assets already deployed, on YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Soundcloud or simply want to upload each version of your already converted formats to Razuna. Previously, each upload created a new “asset record”.

With the new “Additional Versions” functionality you can simply point to your existing asset on the net or upload your versions. Doing so, will give you a combined view, of your original asset, any converted formats and and your own versions.

Small Re-Design, Lighter Interface

We have done some small re-design of the Razuna User Interface. The goal was to get rid of the many shades and table lines, in short to bring a “lighter user experience” to the Razuna feeling.

Overall changes

Above we mentioned the most exciting features. Additionally, we have added full XMP support for PDF files (now we write to ALL XMP fields), for Administrators we added searching trough log files, fixed some bugs when Razuna was hooked up to a Amazon S3 account and fixed the uploading tool for the Google Chrome browser.

Overall, there are around 25 request issues that we are fulfilling with Razuna 1.4.5.

Last but not least, Developers have a reason to celebrate. With Razuna 1.4.5 we are introducing new options to the API. These are;

  • You are able to add metadata during uploading
  • You can retrieve informations about an asset with one call
  • Adding a user returns the generated userid