Razuna 1.4.4

Release Notes for Razuna 1.4.4

Important Notes for this release

Razuna 1.4.4 brings some enhancements and many important bug fixes to the 1.4.3 release. In short, we fixed some bugs which affected Windows installations (some users could not add images to the system), also users with a MSSQL server got some unexpected errors due to the new ID system which was introduced in 1.4.2. Windows users will also be happy to see that we fixed bugs with writing the metadata, creating thumbnails and the playback of videos.

Moreover, we also added some enhancements to the video player (which adds compatibility to the latest browser generations) and Administrators see now all folders from all users (and also other Administrators) by default.

Additionally, we made improvements to the search engine. The search provides a visual feedback and we changed the search pattern so that separate words are searched with “AND” (thus adding the words together).

Last but not least, Developers have a reason to celebrate. With Razuna 1.4.4 we are introducing new options to the API. These are;

  • Modify Metadata (Link to the DeveloperGuide)
  • Uploading an asset returns the assetid and the asset type

Upgrade from 1.4.2 only

You should update to 1.4.2 before updating to 1.4.4! If you have already done so, then simply follow the Razuna Update Guide.