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I’m trying to get Razuna going on my Qnap TS-470. I’ve verified that all the necessary java components are installed, but I haven’t checked that the java environment is directing to the proper place…only because I’m not sure how to do that on a linux system.

The second thing I’m unaware of is, when I click the Razuna icon on my Qnap, is that supposed to startup Razuna? Or do I need to go in through ssh on terminal and startup Razuna manually?

Here is the build I’m pulling from, https://www.qnapclub.eu/en/qpkg/296 its updated quite regularly.

If anyone can help I’d be incredibly grateful!!

Thank you,

Set up Razuna on a QNAP NAS drive

Sorry, I can’t help you as this is not one of our supported environment. I didn’t even know this existed…

Maybe some community member can help?


I haven’t tried this, but since Qnap is linux underneath, you should be able to get it to work like you would on any linux distro - if you can satisfy it’s dependencies, that is. Once you get it running, opening the app would be like the normal linux version, with http://:8080/razuna as base URL.

Question is should you run Razuna on a NAS? I think the answer to this is no. Razuna requires a relatively high amount of RAM - a resource that is usually in short supply on NAS systems. Unless you’ve got an (intel based) NAS with plenty of RAM, using the NAS as an target to store the data and running the actual code on another system would be a better choice. In this case, i’d suggest deploying it trough Docker or as a VM on the NAS, instead of trying to run it directly on the NAS system.


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