'Put in Basket' action is not working

Hi, I have hosted Razuna in Linux box and was exploring the product. The ‘Put in Basket’ action seems to have no effect. When it is clicked i can see the success message ‘Item is now in your basket’. but when I go to Basket page - I dont see any items in there. Am I missing any specific configurations here?



Frankly, no idea. We don’t see any issue with this ever. Maybe flush your
browser cache and restart your browser?

I experienced the same issue regarding the “put in basket” function with the Razuna 1.9.5 Stand-alone Server-Version, on two independent installations; the previous version 1.9.0 works like a charm; maybe there is a bug in basket.cfc? I will take a closer look at the code later on, just want to let you know … best regards + thank you for the wonderful work on Razuna, Till

We run 1.9.5 with many customers and also on our hosted edition. It all works there.

Maybe you can look into your rtelogs folder and see if there is an error?

Thank you for the advice, Nitai, I will check the rtelogs for some hints!

I am sorry for the late feedback – it took quite a time – but now I come back to the issue with the following finding.

The Razuna log says:

Query Error: Index “PRIMARY_KEY_” not found; SQL statement: MERGE INTO raz1_cart (cart_id, user_id, cart_product_id, cart_create_date, cart_create_time, cart_change_date, cart_change_time, cart_file_type, host_id) VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )

Obviously my problem is due to non-defined parameters in the related SQL-statement whenever I try to put an item into the basket.

What database and version you are using? You can always create a primary key for the table to see if that fixes it

Hi Nitai, I am using the default H2 database. Can I have the default credentials to access the database please?

When I checked in rtelogs I get "Index “PRIMARY_KEY_” not found; SQL statement: MERGE INTO raz1_cart (cart_id, user_id, cart_product_id… etc… " error… please check this screenshot. Can you please suggest me to resolve this?

Switch to MySQL

Hi Nitai, Does Razuna has the facility to port the database from H2 to mysql automatically?

Yes, that’;s in the backend administration.

I get that error too, but it’s not related with the database, in my case, I have a hostname configured in server.xml and I forgot to change the docBase for the new instance when I copied the file from the old instance location.