Problem with Usage statistic

When clicking on Account Settings / Usage, no data is shown.
Does anybody have a solution?

I tried with Chrome, IE & Firefox - same issue for all browsers.

We changed the storage mechanism on Razuna, and the storage calculation is
temporarily deactivated. We will reinstate with Razuna 2.0 to be released
in Q2/Q3.

OK, good to know. But how do I know how much space is left? I might have to upgrade.

We will take a look and let you know. Can you let me know what your host ID

Do you mean: ?

Yes, thank you. You are currently at 23 GB, so in fact you’re 8GB above
your limit. You can go ahead and delete or you can simply go into Razuna
Account Settings and upgrade to the Plus plan, which includes up to 50GB

Let me know, if you need help. You can also contact
directly with questions.

Thanks a lot! I guess we will upgrade :smile:

I have the same question. We’re in Trial mode and it looks like we’ll go ahead and go live, but I need to know how much to budget. The Usage page does not display anything. Can you look up my current storage as well: ? Thank you in advance!

You are currently using 2.5GB.


Can you tell me where the usage statistics are now, on version 2 ?

The New Accounts page doesn’t seem to have any usage details.


There is now version 2.0. We are still on 1.8.x. Version 2.0 comes later
this year.