Problem with folder names


I have a small problem in Razuna (localhost version) because I don’t see the folder names, I don’t know if it’s a problem or a setting to make in the Administration tab.

Here is a capture of the localhost version:


Here is a capture of the evaluation version (online hosted evaluation version):


This is the same problem on Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, and this is my “System Information”:

Your Razuna Setup
Database in use h2
Where are your assets local
Server Operating System Windows 10
Operating System Version 10.0
CFML Product BlueDragon
CFML Version 8
URL of this server

Hugo J.

Go to the administration, then customization,and within that to folder view.

Select the Metadata you want to show.

I don’t really understand, when I choose the metadata I want to show, it corresponds to the files but not to the folders and subfolders.

As mentioned, you need to edit the “FOLDER VIEW” section…