Problem while starting up

We experience a problem while starting up Razuna…

The frontend/backend shows

Oops, something really strange happened here. Please copy the error message below and send it to your administrator who will help resolve the problem. Thank you.
application.razuna.isp doesn’t exist.

Before that, we might get this problem:

General SQL Error

A restart didn’t helped, tried it multiple times.

/opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/WEB-INF/bluedragon/work/bluedragon.log says this hundreds of times while Razuna is running:

05/06/18 16:51.11: onApplicationStart failed: /opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/global/api2/Application.cfc
05/06/18 16:51.11: cfApplicationManager.onApplicationStart: optrazunatomcatwebappsrazunaglobalapi

When stopping Razuna, catalina.out gets thousand of these lines:

The web application [/razuna] appears to have started a thread named [H2 TCP Server (tcp://] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak.

Running version is 1.85, however, it worked well until today.

Well, Razuna is started somewhat, because catalina.out also says

{ts ‘2018-06-05 17:28:00’} ---------------------- Fetching records to remove from index
{ts ‘2018-06-05 17:28:00’} ---------------------- Found 0 records to remove. Aborting…
{ts ‘2018-06-05 17:28:00’} ---------------------- Creating new collections
{ts ‘2018-06-05 17:28:00’} ---------------------- CHECKING collection for Host 1
{ts ‘2018-06-05 17:28:00’} ---------------------- Collection for Host 1 exists and is alive !!!

Any ideas how to fix this?

The bderror logs giving this: