Preview Renditions Not Maintaining Aspect Ratio in Pixel Display

I believe I found a bug.

When I first upload an image and look at the Preview via the Renditions tab, it displays the correct dimensions set per the aspect ratio:

However, any time I upload a new version (not changing the image size) under the Version tab and then check out my preview again in the Renditions Tab, the pixel dimensions display 400 x 400 and do not reflect the aspect ratio:

Hi dmeyer ,

I have take a test with the aspect ration from my site and see that after upload a new version under the version tab then go back to Rendition tab to check the aspect ration , the correct dimension still appearing the same with the settings.

Please try to flush the database and template cache from your site to see how.


Hi there,

Thank you so much for your help. We tried flushing the database and template cache, but it did not resolve the issue on our site.

Hi dmeyer ,

Not sure what is the cause of the issue from your site as we did not see this from our site after did some testing with aspect ration.

However , you can clear the cache and cookies from the browser first and try to restart the Razuna and try to check the issue again.

Hope this helps.