Preview download link downloads the original file instead of the preview


As a simple user when I click on the download link of an asset, on a folder with download original files are not permitted, I get the following window:

Which seems pretty much as it should. However clicking on download preview link, I get a jpg file with the original dimensions instead of a 400x399 pixels preview:

Razuna 1.7
mysql 5.5 community server
apache-tomcat-7.0.64 (installed as a service)
windows server 2008 R2

Hi lephleg ,

You can go to your folder , click into Manage —> Folder Settings and Sharing —> Sharing Options —> Allow download Original Asset —> Click to Yes and click Update button to take effect.

This action will allow you to download original asset from a specific folder.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply Huy,

This action will allow you to download original asset from a specific folder.

Well, what about restricting access to preview only? Right know the links are displaying correctly based on the Sharing Options. However the problem is that the preview link downloads a full size image instead of a thumbnail/preview.


From our site , after download the preview image , this image is just a preview size not a full size.

Please clear your cookie and history from your browser then flush the template cache and try again to see how.


Unfortunately, clearing any type of cache did not make any kind of difference.

I noticed that this only happens in certain collections while it works normally on others. Does the type of the asset/image make a difference here? I’ve tried this both on jpg and tif images.

We did some test from our server site follow your description. And did not see any issue here.

I saw that you having 3 issues here , Please try to restart the Tomcat and Razuna server from your site and check again to see how.


I did restart the whole VM, cleared template and database caches and navigated to the site using an Chrome incognito window. All three issues persist.

However regarding this one, I’ve noticed that is only happening on assets on linked folders. Could you make a test using a linked folder on your site?

Hi lephleg ,

We did a test using a linked folder or collection , the download file is preview image size not a full size.

Update to you.

Hi Huy,

Thanks for this. I’m going to propose a system update/reinstallation to my team then …and hope for the best.