Other language analyzer of Lucene


How to switch lucene analyzer to other language such as Chinese or Thai.

Thank you in advance


Hi Cherdwong_Hongsrichi ,

Please see this document for your reference : https://wiki.apache.org/solr/LanguageAnalysis

Hope this helps.


Hi Huy_Nguyen
Where is in Razuna code that call org.apache.lucene ?
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There is no need to use a specific analyzer for lucene in Razuna. We have
customers from all over the world who are using our search. You can enter
any kind of language in the text fields and Razuna will index them and you
will be able to search them.

If that doesn’t work for you, then please state your issue.


Hi Nitai
I have 2 problem,

  1. I can not use API2 search with Thai language, the result is just like this

  2. Thai language, each sentence, the words will continue without space between the words, I need Thai analyzer for word breaking. Without word breaking I cannot search word in title and description.

Thank you


The API works good. Please state your version of Razuna, operating system,
etc. Furthermore, show us some code, i.e. API call.


Thank you Nitai
You can try by following URL

  1. Search in English
  2. Search in Thaiประเทศ

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Razuna 1.7, OS Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits


I see. I highly recommend to upgrade to Razuna 1.8. We enhanced the search
a lot and also contains new Lucene versions, etc.


Hello Nitai
I can not upgrade to 1.8. Seem like Version 1.8 does not recognize my Version 1.7 backup files.
I have razuna_backup.h2.db and razuna_backup.trace.db in webapps/razuna/admin/backup but do not have the folder “razuna_backup.lobs”.

Best Regards,