Ordering system tab


Hello again,

This is my troubling scenario:

I got an admin to create an asset collection and a regular user with read only permission rights on it. I enabled the ordering system and picked the admin as the corresponding person for the order that should be notified when the user places a new order from the collection.

The tooltip at Settings & Share tab says “This user will see an additional “Order” Tab where they can process orders.”

The problem is when the user checkout his/her basket, I don’t observe any change as an admin. No order tab or any other notification that an order has been placed…

What am I missing?



At the bottom of the screen where the “basket” is located you should have
an additional tab called “Orders”.


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I cant find any tab there except “Basket” and “Favorites”.

In fact I’ve noticed that nothing changes even if I deactivate the ordering system through the Settings & Share tab of the collection. The user would be able to put assets in the basket and checkout no matter what.


That should actually works. So, I don’t know what is not working on your
end. We use it many times and many of our customers do too.


Well at the moment as you can see below the ordering system seems to ignore our admins configuration:

The user (External Users group) can add assets to his basket and checkout normally:

Nothing differs If I set the ordering system setting to Yes. At the same time no ordering tab appears to the corresponding person.

Is there any other possible configuration that may have been changed by accident resulting this malfunction? Unfortunately, I have no hint how to troubleshoot this…


I see. The issue here is that you expect the ordering system to work
within Razuna. However, the ordering system only works in a shared
folder! The setting is under “shared settings” :slight_smile:


wow, I just shared the collection and I reached it using the link. Hopefully, the permissions matched the one I put in the settings earlier! I was also able to request an order too. :grinning:

However I’m still missing the notification to the user corresponding for the order and the “Order” tab. Should I follow the link and login with that user’s account to process the order?

Thanks for your time


Yes, you need to sign in with that user you are sending orders to.


Although I do, I dont get any notifications as the user corresponding for the order.
I’ll stick with screenshots just to be sure.

Following the link and login as a read-only user I can pick a couple of assets and place them in the basket:

I can order them along with a personal message to the admin:

However logging as an admin (the corresponding user set at the Settings & Share tab) I can only see an empty basket and no extra tabs allowing me to process the order that was made

Thanks again for your time,


Furthermore and oddly enough, If I follow the link again as the regular user who put the order, I can see the following notice along with the message I placed within the order earlier:

Clicking “This order has been processed.” I get a “Done!” message, however no e-mail with the requested assets gets dispatched to my e-mail address (the email server is set up and has been tested successfully) :confused: