Hi, we have a hosted edition and have setup one of our staff to receive notoifcations when users register and create a basket to access images, due to a change in staff we need to assign this to another staff member but have been unsuccessful in doing so, any help appreciated


Hi martydavies ,

Please try to perform assign again after you flush the database and template cache at : Administration —> Maintenance.

If the problem still persist , then let me know within the screenshot.




Have tried all of the below, the email address for notifications ends to be
changed to

Kind regards

Martyn Davies
0275 739710


Hi, my problem is that i cant find the page where I assign the email address for the notifications when clients have submitted a basket



You can go to Administration —> Group ----> Modify Group.

From here you can add or delete the user or email of user will get notifications.

Hope this helps.