New to Razuna testing it out and have a few quetions


I basically deal with 2 kinds of images:

  1. PNG images that vary in size that are full color and take up the whole canvas.
  2. PNG images that vary in size that are on a trasparent background

Renditions questions:

  1. Is there a way to resize images and keep them to fit on a certain transparent canvas size?
  2. Is there a way to resize images by one side and not resize if smaller? For instance Have all images be a static width and anything under that with keeps the existing size?

Desktop Client:
I installed air and downloaded the desktop client to play with it however it just throws application is damaged error and I do not see how to setup the desktop client for windows.

Is there a way to search images by width? Like find all images by a certain size greater than equal to the width?

Thank you for your help in advance and I do apologize for if any of these have been asked before. Cheers!


You can convert images within Razuna on the fly. Go to the renditions tab and see the available options.

You can also preset the conversion by using “Renditions templates”. These can be found in the Administration.

You can automate this step with using the Workflow plugin.

The desktop client is old and not supported. Where did you download it?

To search go to the advanced search. You can also search with advanced options in all the metadata. Check out the search syntax in the guides here.