New production setup on MS SQL


Hi - I have successfully deployed a demo server using the internal database but now i am moving to production and want to utilise a MS SQL 2014 server i have

I need some assistance please
1, i cannot find any working help links from anywhere on your sites with MS SQL instructions

2, using the setup wizard i enter in all sql details and it connects to the MS SQL server, i have no idea what schema to use as i cannot find instructions, so i used db_owner
I get to the last page where it finalized setup but wont ever finish.
when i look at the database all of the tables have been created however



Hi Andrew,
I’m encounter the same (?maybe?) problem moving to MySQL,

Try to check the log at /opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/WEB-INF/bluedragon/work/temp/rtelogs.
Check the last modified bderror and open it with a browser.
You’ll find some infos about the error.

In my case the sintax of my query is incorrect, remove the last comma of the query.

After this I can’t find anything on the forum to help us to continue the migration process.
I’m still indagating about it, i’ll update this post too if I find a way.



We are not supporting MS SQL anymore. Please move to MySQL.