New Install using MYSQL setup wizard failure


Hi - I am trying to follow the very limited guides on setting up MYSQL as i have been told that MS SQL isn’t supported anymore.
I have installed MYSQL and made as many of the suggested changes as possible, I can connect successfully to the razuna database
I cannot get past the Razuna Setup Wizard it just keeps sitting on the Finalize Setup screen with the progress bars moving that never stop
when i exit it makes me run the wizard again and i get back to the same place

it doesn’t matter what settings I try, it just wont work… any guidance would be appreciated.

not sure if this helps
{ts ‘2018-10-09 09:50:02’} — Executing Remove from Cron
{ts ‘2018-10-09 09:50:02’} ---------------------- Starting removal
{ts ‘2018-10-09 09:50:02’} ---------------------- Config Error. Aborting… !!!
| type | Database
| detail | The datasource razuna_server could not be found or was invalid
| message | General SQL Error
| errorcode | errorCode.sqlError
| extendedinfo | javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name [razuna_server] is not bound in this Context. Unable to find [r
| tagcontext | {CFML Type::array}
| tagname | CFQUERY
| template | E:/tomcat/webapps/razuna-searchserver/api/authentication.cfc
| line | 71
| column | 4


I am also facing the same issue -Razuna with mysql database.


The version of Razuna? MySQL version?

There are no “limited” guides as you don’t need anything else. The information you need is located at Setting up MySQL


I don’t know if this issue was corrected, but it may help you : Razuna 1.9.5 error in razuna/global/cfc/db_mysql.cfc