Need quick help with database server selection ... MySQL 5.6? 5.7?


I am temporarily running Razuna on a Windows server as we transition over to its new home. Due to a failure with the original database server, I need to install an interim database server on the same system as Razuna to use until the new server is built. The old database server was running in MariaDB 10.1, but I can install anything since I have the SQL backups. How well will Razuna work with MySQL 5.7, or do I need to install the older 5.6? I only ask because I see occasional notes in the documentation that Razuna has not been tested against 5.7 yet (which I find odd and slightly anachronistic since 8.0 has been out for a while), and while we’re usually with MariaDB, I want to build a Razuna server that uses only MySQL since that is what the developers use.

Thanks, everyone.



5.7 is fully supported. Where does it say so otherwise? v8 is not as we did not have time to look into it, but it is on our RoadMap.

Just install Razuna, chose to install on MySQL and when all is done do your import over the “razuna” database. Then hit the backend admin and if there is an update it will ask you to do so.


5.7 is fully supported. Where does it say so otherwise?

In your guide, Setting up MySQL.

Also, I wanted to mention that I could not get Razuna 1.9.6 to work with MariaDB 10.1 or 10.3, no matter what I tried. I know that you have never said it would, or ever advertised that MariaDB was supported, but I wanted to try regardless since we are primarily MariaDB users here. I have no issue with the requirement for MySQL, it’s easy enough to set up MySQL 5.7 on a separate dedicated server, but I just wanted to mention it here for any other users intending on using MariaDB and finding it not working. (The folder tree never loaded, the animated “loading” graphic kept spinning without result, and the log registered an error.)


Thanks for the pointer. Keeping docs up to date is a challenge :slight_smile:

Regarding MariaDB, yes we never tested it. We have installations with Percona that work without an issue, though. Maybe it’s just a simple parameter or a driver issue?