Need help with PDF's text extraction issue



I may need some advice from experienced Razuna Users.

I have installed Yesterday the current stable version of razuna 1.9.6 on a windows server 2016, the installation went surprisingly well.

Installed all the pre-requisites first and after that the standalone version of the Razuna server. everything seems to be working fine except for one small/big feature

Since the intention is to test the plataform for a possible corporate use, my corporation requires the ability to search within the content of pdf document files.

I have uploaded word documents and pdf’s, and i can search contents on the word documents and text files but it seems that text extraction from pdf’s are not happening any search comes back empty.

I have only instaled the standalone server with local database, did not bother to use a MSSQL or MySQL database in this phase.

can someone please advise me what i might be doing wrong, do i need a rendering server for pdf’s ? is it a licencing thing ?

Any help will be appreciated.




If all is installed and the search-server works as well, then you should be able to search within PDF documents immediately. Look at the catalina.out log to see if there is an issue with reaching the search-server.