Need help with MySQL setup for 1.9.6 - invalid upc_date_update


Ive been trying use Razuna with the MySQL database rather than the H2. All the connections are fine - it just wont go past the finalize screen (bars keep moving).

The error I’m getting in the log file is: Query Error: Invalid default value for ‘upc_date_update’

I’m using MySQL 5.7

Any help would be much appreciated!


I had the exact same issue. I ended up removing some code from the file that contained that variable. You will need to get into the OpenBD error log to determine which file it is (unfortunately, I don’t remember the file name). Once that is variable is gone, the finalize will complete. DISCLAIMER: I am not a programmer, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. That’s my funny way of saying that I am not afraid to try things like that and see what happens. You may not be as brave as I am, and I don’t know what the long-term consequences are of just removing lines of code. So far, I have been able to work through the issues and our Razuna system is running okay. * knocks on huge piece of wood * I’m running Razuna 1.9.6 on a Mac with MySQL 5.7.25


Thanks - I’ll have a look through the code and see if I can figure it out. Will post here if I do.


I had the same problem and solved it with your hint.
Thank you!