Metadata Form plugin

Metadata Form Plugin

The Razuna metadata form plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to force the users to fill in certain fields upon upload of new assets to Razuna. You can force the user to fill in one or more fields. If not filled in, the assets will not be added. The plugin is a global plugin for each tenant and if activated will work across all folders and user groups.

  • Installing the plugin
  • Accessing the Metadata Plugin
  • Configuring the Metadata Plugin

Installing the plugin

Please read the general guide on how to Install and activate a plugin.

Accessing the Metadata Plugin

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you can access it from the Razuna DAM admin panel. Please note that it will only be available, if you have acticated it on the relevant tenant as described in the link above. 

To access the plugin, go to the Administration section by clicking on your name top right and selcting "Administration." In the administration panel go to the "Plugins" tab. If you have installed the plugin correctly, you will now see it in the list of installed plugins.

Configuring the Metadata Plugin

By clicking on "Settings" underneath the metadata plugin, you will access the configuration page. 


First select whether the Metaform is active or inactive. Ny default it will be inactive.

Next decide which field(s) must be filled in. You can select all custom fields as well as the default fields in first file information tab, i.e. file name, keywords, description and labels.

If you need to add more fields, simply click on "Add field" and then another Metadata field dropdown will show up underneath the previous. You may reorganize the order of the fields by clicking on the green reorder icon. You can decide whether a field is required or not by selcting the appropriate radio button.

Once completed, click on Save Settings. Your users will now be prompted to fill in the required (or optional) fields upon upload.