Merging folders with identical files



I’ve been working with Razuna with our image database, which is quite large.
Someone had started uploading them and writing keywords for them, but we did some reorganizing in our database to make it easier to search through them, and in order to make it clearer, we created a new folder for the newly reorganized database.
So my question is, is there an easier way to merge these two folders in order to avoid having to manually delete and alter each file? Since the first batch of images had already been modified (keywords), razuna wouldn’t have recognized the new ones as duplicates (we’ve already tested this) while uploading them.

Thank you in advance!



Not really sure, but doesn’t the “move” option help here. There is no
“merge” in that sense.


Thank you for your reply!
Well, theoretically yes, we would have to move the files from one folder to another. The problem is that since there are several identical files, we would have duplicates and we would have to manually delete each file that appears twice. My question is whether there is an automatic process to filter these “duplicates” in order to not have to sort through the files manually. By the time we finish uploading the second batch of images, we will have over 20000 images in only one folder and a few thousand more in the other.
Like I said, since the files that were first uploaded have already been modified, if we had uploaded them again in the same folder, razuna would not have recognized the files as duplicates.

Thank you!


We identify duplicates during the upload process. There is no other option.

You could use the API which returns the hashtag for each file and remove
the duplicates like that and then move the remaining files over.