Low resolution Proxy video


Hello, I am expecting we could see Low resolution Proxy video when video thumbnail is clicked.
Can we have this?


At the moment , we do not have this function.


You can create different renditions to create a low res video. You can even
automate this, so it will do it automatically every time a video is


Hello Nitai,

Nobby come back again,

We have been presented Razuna for cable TV head end for two month.

All Station wish to place RAW material on local server.

I read ON-PREMISE on https://razuna.com/signup,

I would like to make sure local server for Razuna application, and remotely taken cared by Razuna. Why AWS is required?

And how to achieve to connect LTO application?

Because station want to copy all RAW materials in LTO cartridges.

Can you add some instruction and comments on attached PDF?





Please contact us at sales@razuna.com.

Thank you.


OK, I ask them.