Linked folder not being ingested


I have linked to an existing directory structure containing assets.

Only one of 109 folders shows up in Razuna. (And some loose images directly in the folder) The single folder that appears doesn’t seem to have any special properties. It’s not the first or last in sort order, not the newest or oldest, not the biggest or smallest. It doesn’t have the most or fewest sub-folders.

The linked folder path checks OK in the link-to dialog.

I can link to sub-folders of the folder in question successfully. They are ingested into Razuna with all their sub-folders intact.

How should I troubleshoot this issue?


Depending on the number of folders and assets your server might not have
enough resources (mainly RAM). This is usually the cause of this.

Other than that, you fail to mention your setup, version, etc., so I can’t
say much more.



It’s Razuna 1.9.1, on a Fedora 25 system. 8 GB of RAM.

Here’s the system info from Razuna:

Your Razuna Setup
Database in use h2
Where are your assets local
Server Operating System Linux
Operating System Version 4.9.6-200.fc25.x86_64
CFML Product BlueDragon
CFML Version 8
URL of this server tux:8080
Server ID 1E21B5C5-4470-44AE-AA60519D980E8DD6
Memory Allocation
Memory Total 843 MB
Memory Free 355 MB
Memory Max 910 MB
Memory Used 487 MB


Ok, thanks for that. Two things:

  1. The H2 database is not meant to be used in production. Switch to MySQL
    if you can.

  2. 8 GB Ram is not sufficient enough. You should at least have 16 GB or
    even 32 GB. Razuna is based on Java, H2 is based on Java, together with
    processes and all you have a bottleneck. Also, fine tune your Razuna usage.