Label with keyword search bug (?)

Hey people,

I’m dealing with a very weird search behavior here, regarding Labels used along with keywords in Search Term field. I’m having an asset linked with a label, lets say “Persons”. The same asset also has “portrait” as a Keyword.

  • If I search using the “portrait” in Search Term field, it works
  • If I search using the “portrait” in Keywords field, it works
  • If I search for Label “Persons”, it works.
  • If I search using the “portrait” in Keywords AND “Persons” in Label, it works
  • BUT If I try to put "portraits in Search Term field along with “Persons” in Label, I got no hits…

The reason I require the Search Term field are the Boolean operators (AND, OR etc) which are not functioning in other fields (is this a bug too?)

Please assist.

Which version of Razuna? What db? What os? etc…

Razuna 1.7
mysql 5.5 community server
apache-tomcat-7.0.64 (installed as a service)
windows server 2008 R2

I just tried it and it works here. I suggest to wait for Razuna 1.8 and then see how that works. 1.8 should be released in the coming two weeks.

Do the Boolean operators normally work when put in other search fields than Search Term, for example in custom text field?

I created a custom field named Year and filled it with various values across many assets
When I try to get results for multiple values like:

  1. Year: 2015 - it works
  2. Year: 2002 - it works
  3. Search Term: 2015 OR 2002 - it works
  4. Year: 2015 OR 2002 - no luck

Could you verify this?

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