Java timeouts


I’ve recently migrated our installation to a new and affordable (=cheap) virtual machine in the cloud. It’s a ridiculously small machine. Yes, I know. The issue I’m having is that after starting Tomcat, Razuna runs just fine. No performance problems or anything like that. After a while, say 30 minutes to an hour, it fails. All I get is a General SQL Error.

By changing the virtual disk of the vm to a disk with double the IOPS, it doesn’t fail. And yes, I know, just get the bigger disk. I might have to do that, but I’m trying to save money just like the next guy.

I wonder if it’s a scheduled task that crashes the service…? So what I’m asking is, is there a way to increase the timeouts so that it would survive those running background tasks?


Switch to MySQL and give Razuna/Tomcat at least 8 GB Ram.