Java Licensing Changes



I would like to know how the Java Licensing Changes affect Razuna? Can we move to OpenJDK or what to do to avoid buying the subscription?

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  1. Stay on Java 8
  2. You can also move to OpenJDK but I recommend to stay on v8 as well

In short, not really an issue if you stay with v8


Thank you for quick response! But what about licencing issues? If I understand, if we are using it for commercial use we should buy Java subscription?


Just install OpenJDK.

apt install openjdk-8-jdk

We have a Windows Environment. Do we need to do anything else than install it and change the JAVA_HOME Windows Environment Variable? What happens to JRE? Does it stay the same or is there also a OpenJDP JRE version that needs to be changed?

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Sorry, we only support Windows with a support subscription, but all our customers are on Linux, so I don’t even have the answer.