Issues with non-ASCII data

I’m testing Razuna (the default 1.6.5 standalone package on a Windows 7) and have encountered several problems:

Encoding issues:

  1. Non-ASCII text watermarks are rendered as gibberish.
  2. Non-ASCII metadata is saved correctly to the DB, but not to the image files themselves.
  3. Files with non-ASCII filenames are uploaded correctly, but when downloaded the filenames change to _.png (for whatever extension).

Other issues:

  1. Picture watermarks (at least for PNG) are not applied at all.
  2. Clicking “Download” in an individual file’s “Renditions” page results in a “The record has been updated successfully” message rather than a download. Downloading elsewhere works properly.

We are just about to release Razuna 1.7. We haven’t updated the website yet, but here is a direct download link.

Please try it with this version and let us know the results. Thank you.

Hey there, Nitai! Thanks for your quick reply.
I’m getting an AccessDenied error both at that lin, as well as the one on the website.

Ah, the benefit of caching… I started to invalidate the cache.

By now we have updated our website with the new release. Please go to and download the official 1.7 release.

Yes, now it worked. Will deploy, test and get back to you.

Hello Nitai,

  • Non-ASCII metadata now saves correctly in some files; in another (specifically a 2mb *.tiff file) it causes downloads to be corrupted.
  • The problematic “Download” button I referred to before has been removed.

All other issues persist.