Issue on image view


Hi all,
We have a problem with Razuna:

If I try to upload one by one some images of a folder some of them disappear, but i can find them if I use the search field.

After the search I can manage the file and download it ( I see the file on the server folder, so razuna correctly upload it )

Razuna show me that the file is on the correct folder where i upload it but if I use the folder list on the left of the website it disappear again.

After this i have tried to save the image and uploaded it again and it work! I can see the image correctly.

Someone have encountered the same issue?

P.S: I have just save the image with a larger dimension rate (from 30002000 to 30082000) and no other changes are made on the file.

I didn’t find in log any error , maybe there is a log that i could check?

Thanks a lot




Hi Fabio,

maybe you encountered the same problem I had at the beginning with razuna.
The images in razuna are organized within pages. As standard 25 images per page are set.
You just need to step to the next page. !
You will find the page stepper in the upper and lower right corner

Maybe this helps.


Nope I have some folder with 5 files and it doesn’t show if I don’t search the file.
I’m trying to reinstall razuna on CentOS and NGINX