Is problem with non-english filenames solved in new version?


Razuna 1.7 was known not to work correctly with non-english filenames.
Is this issue solved now?


Honestly, the “known not to work with non-english file names” is new to me.

We have many customers all over the world and have yet to see the issue.


As my native language is russian, I have to work with cyrillic filenames.
Here is the result of test with screenshots showing what happens with these names.

1 Let’s take file with russian name

2 Upload it to RAZUNA

3 See it in RAZUNA folder

4 Try to play it – It plays correctly and correct name is displayed

5 Try to download it back – Here we see filename is INCORRECT

6 Try to download a file with latin name – everything OK

7 Let’s get local path of our russian file on server – It’s name is lost

8 Check server directory – yes name is broken.

That’s it.