Installing and activating a plugin


The Razuna Workflow plugin give you the option to automate many different tasks during an event in Razuna. The Razuna Workflow plugin is a payable plugin and a license can be bought from Razuna.

  • Installing the plugin
  • Activating the plugin

Installing the plugin

Once you received the plugin you can upload it within Razuna with the "Add new" link. Take the and select it. The plugin will then install itself.

Activating the plugin

Once installed you should see the plugin in the list. In order to use it within Razuna you have to activate it and additionally choose which tenant is allows to use the workflow plugin.

Activate the plugin with the "activate" link. Now, you need to assign the plugin to each host you want to use the plugin. Do so by selecting the "Plugin tenant activation" tab and check each tenant you want to have access to the workflow.


Click on "Save" and the plugin will be activated/deactivated for each tenant.