Install Razuna on MacOS X


Razuna has been tested with MacOS 10.5 and since then with any newer version. Our team develops on the Mac platform, so we can securely say it runs with the latest system (currently 10.8.2).

Install Java

Latest MacOS X releases don’t come with Java pre-installed anymore. Thus before you can run Razuna you need to install Java. MacOS X automatically detects a call to Java and will prompt you to download it the first time. Both Java 6 and Java7 works with Razuna.

Install HomeBrew

Install Ghostscript

brew install ghostscript

Install ImageMagick

brew install libtiff
brew install imagemagick --with-libtiff

Install FFmpeg

brew install ffmpeg --use-clang --with-libvorbis --with-libvpx --use-gcc  --with-libx264 --with-flac --with-theora

Install Exiftool

brew install exiftool

Install Dcraw

brew install dcraw

Install UFraw

brew install ufraw

Install MP4Box

brew install MP4Box

Setup Razuna standalone

If you have not already done so, download the latest Razuna release from We recommend to extract Razuna to the “/opt” directory, but you are free to place it wherever you see fit. The Razuna standalone server comes with Tomcat pre-configured.

Start the Razuna server

The final task left to do now is to startup the application server. In order to do so, navigate to the “bin” directory of the Razuna folder (/opt/razuna/tomcat/bin/) and start the server with:


Navigate to Razuna

Once the server has successfully started you should navigate to http://localhost:8080/razuna and you will be presented with the Firsttime Wizard to finish setup.