Ingesting Live RTMP Feeds


Hey everyone!

I just found out about Razuna and am trying to figure out if it can do what I need.

My use case is this: we do several live events every week which we need to ingest. Ideally we would do this by receiving an rtmp push. Now, right now I am using nginx’s rtmp module for this, but that is less than ideal, and having a true MAM solution would be perfect, which is where Razuna would come in.

My question is, has anyone been successfully doing this? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!



You can use the API to ingest files into Razuna programmatically. You can also expose a folder (or use a widget) and enable the upload functionality. Also, you could setup a FTP folder or a folder on your Razuna server and then use a scheduled task to import those files to a folder.

Many options to add files. Which one to choose depends on your requirements.

Hope this helps.