Information lost after importing metadata


does anyone experience lost in data in metadata after importing update from csv or xls file?

my assets came with copyright notice information which razuna extracted to put it in copyright notice under metadata >> XMP description.

after i export the metadata to xls or csv file to do overview update of details eg. update more keywords and update description or change the filename, and re-import it back to the system with “replace” option. this piece of information is lost. :cry: All these while, the column for copyright notice is not modify and still have the info in that column.

Hi lemont97 ,

I have take a test follow your description from my site , there is no problem with export metadata then update the metadata file with some changes such as : change the file name , descriptions , label , keywords… after that , I do import this exported file back to system. The field names which edited can be updated in our system and there is no lost data.

Please check with Import and export template from your site to make sure the settings are correct.


hi Huy

thanks for replying as usual, pardon me but can i ask did you try to start the test with some data already at copyright notice before export and reimport back into the system? attach is my copyright notice data, which will be lost after i reimport it back into the system.

i do not have import template as i am using default header. is it the cause of this issue?

This is my import screen which i did not choose any import template since i am using default header and i choose “replace” as option. Even if i reimport my file without any changes, this information disappear after upload.

Hi lemont97,

So just the Copyright Notice field will be empty after you re-import metadata file or more than this one ?

hi Huy

so far i only notice “copyright notice” is missing after reimport as i need this piece of information. i was hoping export and import of metadata can cut short some time in my user’s workflow. i guess i need to opt this part out as it remove information instead.

Okay , Thank you for the information.

This is a bug and we will fix it and update to you soon.

Thank you.