Indexing lost


I´m having problems with the asset index in my razzuna 1.9.1. It is always empty.
If I run the “re-index” in the administrator, it find some files, but after that in cleans it immediately.
I search in the /bluedragon/work/temp folder, and I do not found any .lock file.
What can I do?
Thanks, Daniel


Also, I´m using the metaform plugin with un dozen of custom fields.


I would suggest upgrading Razuna. Also, if possible pull them directly from our git repository, both the Razuna app and the Search server.


We did it, but still have problem with indexing.
We have stoped and restart aplications in tomcat admin, but still have problems.


Sorry to hear. Though, there is not much we can do here. Check permissions, make sure the user that runs Razuna also has access, etc.

Also, check the logs at tomcat/logs to see if there is an issue.