Incorrect search results

I am getting some unexpected results in my searches and am looking for someone to shed some light on why. It happens when using the Advanced Search. Here is an example:

I created multiple custom fields for our assets. Two of those fields are Format and UPS Facility. Both fields are field type select with several options from which the user may choose. Now, if I perform an Advanced Search using one field it seems to work fine. For example, if I choose HD 1080p24 from the Format drop down list and perform a search, I get all assets with HD 1080p24 in the Format field as expected. However, if I want to find an asset with Format: HD 1080p24 and UPS Facility: Worldport, I get all assets with Worldport in the UPS Facility field regardless of what is in the Format field. That is, the Format field is ignored and I get results with different values in the Format field.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Select Advanced Search
  2. Select the Videos tab
  3. Go to Format field and select HD 1080p24
  4. Go to UPS Facility field and select Worldport
  5. Go to Match field and select Match ALL Terms
  6. Click Find

The results only match the UPS Facility field.

Thanks for any insight into this issue.

Eric Deuser
UPS Airlines

Razuna 1.9 self-hosted
Tomcat 8.5.23
Java JDK
MySQL 5.7.20
MacPro 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
macOS Sierra 10.12.6
macOS Server 5.3.1


Would need to run some tests here and will get back to you.

I think I discovered the issue. My Format field includes HD 720p60, HD 1080p24, HD 1080p30, etc. It seems that the HD followed by a space in each value is causing the “false positive”. So, a search for Format: HD 1080p24 and UPS Facility: Worldport was returning assets with Worldport in the UPS Facility field and any value with HD in the Format field.

I went through today and removed the HD from each value and the search seems to be working as it should.

To replicate it in your lab, you will need to have multiple values in the same field that start with HD or, presumably, any identical string.


I see. Thank you for the update