Incoming folder not clearing



We recently started using Razuna and we have started to load videos. We have the Assets stored on the D drive while Razuna is stored/running on the C drive.

We just started getting errors today when we attempted to upload new content. Upon further inspection the site’s incoming folder has about 130GB of folders (1592) and files (800) in it. The site’s asset folder has about 132GB of files in it.

Upon searching in support I found that the incoming folder should be cleared every 6 hours. It looks like this folder has not been cleared since December 20, 2018 when we started uploading files.

Incoming folder is not cleaned up - Might be old, but didn’t see an answer or fix.

Our setup is Window 2012 R2 with Razuna 1.9.5

Is there a process that can be re-run or ran to clear out the incoming folder? Or can all these folders and files be deleted manually?

Thank you, Stick

p.s. Before saying, “You should get a support contract.” Please understand that we are looking into this and understand the benefits, but we are currently testing Razuna and it’s reliability. I understand because we self installed and hosted, the issue me be on our end, but I would think this has happened enough times that the community would know the solution.


I believe that the incoming folder runs on the same schedule at the outgoing folder which is 72 hours. I was never able to find a way trigger the process any sooner either.


Upon further investigation, the folders that starts with api followed by 32 characters still holds a file. This file might be a 4KB file with a (Replace FileName and xxx with the original File name and extension) or it might be the original uploaded file (videos in the 200MB or greater size)

With the folders sorted by date, the next folder (newest from api folder) with 32 characters is empty.

The 72 hours doesn’t seem to be it either. Going back to Jan 30, 2019 at 7:17 am the api folder still has the original large file. Going one folder older to Jan 30, 2019 at 5:24 am the api folder has the ._FileName.mp4


Further details: I went back to an older Site and back in June 2018 the folders and files were not being deleted/cleared.

This points me to one of the following:

A) Our install is corrupt or the update applied after install caused this issue. The install and update was so long ago I couldn’t point to a certain date… Most likely June 2018. What version was out June 2018?

B) Some setting is not correct within Razuna or one of the image/file manipulators installed for Razuna. The question is what one, or what setting.

C) The process that is supposed to run every 6 hours (or is it 72 hours) has some kind of issue. If I knew what that process was, or if the process should be ran automatically would be helpful. In ColdFusion I know you can set scheduled tasks, for BlueDragon I am not sure if this possible, or how I would access it.


Update: nearly 24 hours and the incoming still contains 130GB of folders and files.

I was able to figure out how to get into BlueDragon. I see there are no scheduled processes that relate to the incoming folder. Is this the issue or is scheduled processes not used?


I found the file /cron/cron.hourly/cleanup.cfm and this little bit is what should be cleaning up the folders:
<!— Loop over hosts and dirs —>

<!— Remove the “_” from the host —>
<cfset host = replacenocase(host_shard_group, "", “”, “ALL”)>

<!— Get incoming —>

<!— Get outgoing —>

<!— Remove incoming dirs —>

<cfif directoryexists("#_full_path_incoming#/#name#")>
<cfif type EQ “dir” AND datelastmodified LT _removetime_incoming>
<cfset console("#now()# ---------------- Removing incoming: #_full_path_incoming#/#name#")>

<cfif type EQ “file” AND datelastmodified LT _removetime_incoming>
<cfset console("#now()# ---------------- Removing incoming: #_full_path_incoming#/#name#")>

<!— Remove outgoing dirs and files —>

<cfif directoryexists("#_full_path_outgoing#/#name#")>
<cfif type EQ “dir” AND datelastmodified LT _removetime_outgoing>
<cfset console("#now()# ---------------- Removing outgoing: #_full_path_outgoing#/#name#")>

<cfif type EQ “file” AND datelastmodified LT _removetime_outgoing>
<cfset console("#now()# ---------------- Removing outgoing: #_full_path_outgoing#/#name#")>

Can the this be fired somewhere? Trying [domain]/razuna/cron/cron.hourly/cleanup.cfm produces a blank screen and nothing is displayed in the Console Output like line 3 or 4 should be showing.

I see that this is part of the CronTab Scheduler Plugin. What I can’t seem to find is how to manually fire this. The Web-inf/server.cfc has the setting to true, so these should be firing.

I did find in the global\cfc\settings.cfc around line 2597

<cfset CronEnable(False)>

and something about hosted environments have to be set to False. Will try to set to True and see if that works…


Update: left it over the weekend and the incoming folder is still not clearing. This is now over the 72 hours others have reported and other posts have noted.


If the internal script don’t work for you, simply create a cron script in your operating system to clear the directory.

It looks like you are using Razuna in a professional matter, hence you might want to consider a support subscription for your deployment. See


This is our first real test of the Razuna system for us. I was pointed here by BlueRiver (Mura) I stated in the original post that we would not have the funds to purchase a support contract until July. I have reached out in several ways to Razuna for support and the primary reply is “you should purchase a support contract.” I’m hesitant to pay $10,000 a year for a product where my questions get answered by “you should purchase a support contract.” If the goal is to make money from Razuna, then why offer a free version, why offer this forum? I may have considered Razuna differently if I had understood that Free equals no support.