Incoming folder is not cleaned up


Razuna 1.8.5 on Debian Jessie.

I added a new tenant (ID 2). When I upload assets, the incoming folder is not cleaned up (tons of old files and folders in it). I had a look in the cleanup.cfm and found out that only the “Demo” tenant (ID 1) is scanned. I checked the database and host_shard_group for my tenant is also set to “raz1” instead of “raz2”:

Because of this, only the incoming folder of raz1 is cleaned. Is this a bug?

Thanks, Markus

Incoming folder not clearing

Your assumption is wrong. The host_shard_group has nothing to do with that. By default all hosts are in raz_1.

But, yes, there is another issue that I’m seeing. Not sure how fast we are going to fix it, given that we just released a version, though.