Incoming directory contains lots of empty folders


Noticed my incoming directory has a lot of empty directories. Also have noticed that some of the directories still contain files. Is it safe to delete these or is there a way to clean up the incoming folder?

Running 1.9.1


The incoming folder is being cleaned every 6h. If files are imported you
can remove those safely.


Thanks for the information. I did notice that it finally cleaned itself up. However this leads me to another question. I have razuna running on a windows 2016 server and it is installed on the d drive with 200 gigs of space. The assets are stored on a network share with a volume of about 100TB. After uploading assets throughout the day the D drive on server is full. Looking at where the space is I noticed that it is the incoming folder.

What could be causing this?

The assets are being transferred to the remote server. I will check and see if the incoming folder is cleared Monday when I return to work.


The incoming folder has been cleared over the weekend. However this is kind of odd behavior because currently I am limited to whatever the free space on the d drive until razuna clears out the incoming folder.

Incoming folder not clearing