Import XMP values into Custom Fields


This option is available as of Razuna 1.7!


Razuna 1.7 allows you to define the XMP path to value stored in the XMP metadata and import it into any custom field on upload. In order to do so you need to know the XMP-Path to the metadata and define it in the custom field. Please follow the description below.

Get the XMP-Path

In order for Razuna to read the metadata you need to know the path (XMP-Path) to the metadata. You can see the path to the metadata in any application that is able to read the XMP metadata. Both Photoshop or Exiftool are able to let you see the XMP metadata.

Use Exiftool

Exiftool, contrary, to Photoshop has no user interface and all commands are issues on the terminal/shell. Once installed (installation of exiftool is covered in the Installation Guide and is already installed on your Razuna server) you can simply issue the following command to see the metadata to any files as XML:

exiftool -X /your/path/to/the/file

Hit enter and you will see the output of exiftool as XML in the terminal window. Now you can easily pinpoint the XML-Path, e.g. say you want to import a custom namespace and field it might be stored as:

<XMP-xwnv:Client>Awesome Customer</XMP-xwnv:Client>

In other words, the "XMP-xwnv:Client" is the XMP-Path and the value you need to copy into the Custom Field XMP-Path field.

Use Photoshop

Once the file is open in Photoshop navigate to "File" and then choose "File Info". This will bring up the XMP Dialog. In the tabs scroll all the way to the right until you get to the tab "Raw Data". Within the "Raw Data" you will see the complete XML structure. Just like with Exiftool above you can now copy paste the XMP-Path from any metadata value into the custom fields dialog.

In the screen shot above we are interested in the Make metadata, i.e. we copy the "tiff:Make" as our XMP-Path.

Add the XMP-Path to the Custom Field

Once you have figured out the XMP-Path for each of your XMP values, simply copy it into the custom field XMP-Path value and hit "Update".

The next time you upload a file with any XMP value Razuna will parse the XMP metadata and import the given values into your custom fields.