Import Templates

Import Templates

The import templates are designed to allow you to easily import metadata from a csv or xls file and map the import fields to fields in Razuna. You can map any field to any field in Razuna.

  • Import Templates
    • Accessing the import templates
    • Creating or Editing an Import Template
    • Using your Import Template

Accessing the import templates

Go to Administration by clicking on your name in the top right corner and selecting Administration in the dropdown.

Now go to the tab "Import Templates"

If you already have created import templates they will be listed here and you can simply click on one to edit it. If none are created, click on "Add an import template" to create a new.

Creating or Editing an Import Template

In the first tab, give your import template a name and description. Tick the field "Import Template is Active" to activate the template. 

In the "Mapping" tab, enter the name of the field in the import file to the left and select the corresponding field name in Razuna. Please note that you can map any field to any field. Only th ID is the first field and it is unique, whyn you cannot change or map this.

You can add as many mapped fields as you need.

Once all fields have been entered and mapped, click on "Save". This will save the template but you will not leave the template window until you close it.

Using your Import Template

To start using your template, go to the folder, where you need to import metadata. Click on "More Actions" and select "Import Metadata" from the dropdown.


A dialogue will open, where you select the various options for your import.

Apply to: Do you want to apply to only assets in this folder or in all of Razuna

File format: Select the file format of your import file

Choose template: Now choose the import template you just created. Only templates marked as Active will show.

Add or Append: You can choose either to add/replace existing metadata or to append to existing.

Upload file: Find the file on your harddrive and upload.

Once you have filled this in, click on "Import metadata." Please note that it will run for a long time, if you are importing to all assets in Razuna, depending on the number of assets.