Import metadata along with the files


Hello, Razuna community!

We intend to deploy a self-hosted installation to a non-profit organization. They digitise VHS tapes and scan photos, and they want to make them available for browsing online.

VHS ingest will be done through a proprietary method, resulting in a video file (typically MPEG2) and an XML file containing metadata about who’s on the video (names of dancers, actors, year of filming, etc.)

We thougt we could integrate this with Razuna by providing these two files using the same filename but with different extension (for example vhs_name.mpg and vhs_name.xml) on a location accessible with Razuna, who could import them by taking the media file accordingly and the metadata from the XML.

The XML syntax can by anything, we’re free to accomodate to what Razuna could accept. Doesn’t even have to be XML, can be CSV or anything - the idea is: one metadata file per media file, both imported at once.

Is it possible to deploy a workflow like this?




We have many non-profit organizations using Razuna. You should contact to discuss your support and deployment options with us.