Import meta data going in wrong fields


We have upgraded our Razuna server from 1.7. to 1.9.1 self hosted version wth H2 database on Ubuntu 16.04. We are uploading the images and importing the metadata through excel file.

But, the data is getting uploaded in wrong fields i.e. SubjectCode fields data is coming into Status field and copystatus field data is going into credit field etc.

We have upgraded the tenant settings and reset the cache as well after upgrade. But, the problem is still same.

Please help.


Thank you for upgrading.

  1. Please do not use H2 in production. Switch to MySQL.

  2. Check your import template. Also, make sure that your columns in Excel match the exported one. We have many customers using import of metatdata daily without any issues.


As suggested by you, after migrating the database from H2 to Mysql. We are not able to search or reindex the files. We are gettng the error message “We are so sorry. Something went wrong. We saved the error and you or your administrator can notify us of this error within the Administration.” Earlier it was working fine.

Please help.


This has nothing to do with the database, but that the search server is not configured properly.